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Drynamic Controlled-Moisture Carpet Cleaning
Drynamic Controlled-Moisture Carpet Cleaning dries quickly, often in as little as one to two hours. If you've experienced problems with spots magically reappearing days or even hours after cleaning you'll be tickled to hear our controlled use of water virtually eliminates wicking, or recurring spots. From the wall-to-wall carpet in your home or office to your treasured, fine wool area rugs, our process is guaranteed safe and effective!

A family-friendly cleaning medium...

Our general cleaning is based on a proven, non-toxic, odor-free, soap-free, environmentally safe, biodegradable cleaning agent, a welcome change for anyone concerned about chemicals and strong odors. Carpet cleaners have known for years how cleaning residues can actually lead to rapid resoiling.  That's why we rely on soap-free chemistry, breaking the dependence on harsh detergents, making it impossible to leave sticky, soapy dirt-attracting residues. It's safe for you, safe for pets and safe for your carpet.  We also carry a line of specialized products for any difficult or unusual situations that may arise.

and, just the right amount of moisture...
We precisely control the amount of moisture used during cleaning. While it's not unusual to hear of instances where water was used in volumes sufficient to saturate the carpet, carpet backing, and in some cases into the padding, it's nearly impossible to reach those extremes with Controlled-Moisture cleaning.  Some processes spray hot, pressurized water into the carpet at a rate of three or more gallons per minute.  In contrast, our Controlled-Moisture process typically uses only three to four gallons to clean an average home guaranteeing quick and convenient, trouble-free drying.

...ensure your delight. And, that, we GUARANTEE!
The bottom line is simple. Drynamic Controlled-Moisture Cleaning delivers clean carpets, fast drying and your absolute DELIGHT!

Sound good so far?  Click here to read more about the benefits of Controlled-Moisture Cleaning

Serving Anne Arundel and Howard County, Maryland since 1990, we rely on safe, non-toxic, kid & pet-friendly products and only a fraction of the water reducing our impact on mother nature and avoiding the inconveniences so often associated with carpet cleaning. We’ll leave you delighted and your carpet clean, fresh and dry in as little as one to two hours.

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